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10 Step Wedding Checklist

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Wedding Venue | 0 comments

10 Step Wedding Checklist

wedding venue checklistWhen it comes to a wedding checklist, Reds Roadhouse fully understands the obstacles and planning needed for the best outcome. We have been involved in hundreds of weddings and receptions at our wedding venue and event rooms. Because of our experience and knowledge, Reds have created a wedding checklist that covers from start to finish.

1. Setting the Timetable

In order to set the wedding planning timetable, you will have to make some major decisions first. One of these is choosing (and booking) the venue. A typical engagement lasts 15 months so you will want to factor in the seasons and any major holidays or family events. Reds have you covered any time of the year.

2. List of Priorities

Imagine what you want to experience and remember from your day. What elements are the most important to you? Great music may be more important to you than food or drinks. Do you prefer something small and quiet or a big extravagant event? A prioritized checklist will streamline the process and simplify decision making if the need to compromise arises.

3. Choose the Venue

Red’s Roadhouse offers a variety of styles to accommodate anyone’s preference. Here are some questions to consider. Large or small? Outdoors or in? What type of vibe do you wish to convey, rustic or romantic, modern or classic, vintage, or all-out glam?

4. Set a Budget

The size of your budget will affect almost every decision you make planning your wedding. Gather the families and figure out who and what they will be contributing. Sometimes this can be an uncomfortable step but it is better to get it done early on. The sooner you know your spending limits the sooner you can start booking.

5. The Guest List

When deciding who to add to your guest list you will want to consider some factors. Do you wish to have quality one-to-one time with each of your guests or do you prefer an all-out once in a lifetime party? How many guests can be comfortably accommodated keeping in mind costs are generally calculated on a per head basis.

6. Register Early

With all the events coming up, your well-wishing friends and relatives will appreciate the foresight. Don’t worry about looking gift-grabby by registering early, just don’t include registry information in the invitations. Stick to the word of mouth or links from your wedding page.

7. Insure the Ring

Your peace of mind is well worth it. Ask about an extension to your homeowner’s or renters insurance policy. Another option would be a company that specializes in jewelry insurance.

8. The Wedding Party

Remember the sooner you ask, the earlier you can enlist their help. Just keep in mind the wedding party is donating there time and money so be considerate and make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

9. Set the Date

Now is the time to book the venue. Once you sign the venue contract your wedding date becomes official. Congratulations!

10. Plan Time to Not Plan

Take some time before your wedding to do something other than plan your wedding.

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