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Reds is an event venue like no other with over 22,000 Sq. Ft. centrally located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth.

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Reds Roadhouse – the event venue for rustic weddings

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Rustic Wedding, Wedding Venue | 0 comments

Conveniently located in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth, Reds Roadhouse has expansive grounds with one-of-a-kind vintage charm, the perfect backdrop for a rustic setting. Their wedding packages make it an ideal event venue for intimate, country, or barn weddings.

Reds Roadhouse has five rooms:

These rooms are unique, offering a natural beauty that makes the perfect rustic wedding venue. Reds Roadhouse is the perfect venue with its private getting-ready rooms and multiple indoor scenic views for photos. Wedding guests will enjoy Reds Roadhouse rustic elegance that the venue and five rooms have to offer for your rustic or country wedding.

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Why is Reds Roadhouse the perfect rustic wedding venue?

If you are looking for the perfect venue for your rustic or country wedding, look no further than Reds Roadhouse. For a reception or ceremony, or both, Reds Roadhouse has the rustic feel to make the wedding day one of the dreams. The venue has 22,000 sq ft of expansive grounds with exposed beams, a barn, indoor and outdoor areas, a garden, and much more rustic charm. Reds is described as a “rustic barn, meets vintage car with a splash of a retro gas station,” which could not be a perfect description for this one-of-a-kind venue. 

According to Jaimie Mackey with Brides, the perfect wedding venue has to “align with your vision”, meaning a venue needs to match the aesthetic you have in mind for your big day. If you want a rustic wedding, look at a historic barn, historic home, or rustic wedding venue such as Reds Roadhouse. Reds Roadhouse is almost a barn wedding venue, it does have a barn, but it also has gardens, a chapel, an airstream bar and more to create a perfect place for events.

What makes a rustic wedding?

Most people think of a rustic wedding and think of a country wedding with barns, country boots, burlap and cowboy hats. Rustic weddings may touch rural aesthetics, but it is more organic, a little boho and somewhat edgy. A rustic wedding can be outdoors, in a barn, on a ranch with an expansive lawn or on top of a mountain with a naturally rustic feel and sweeping views. Selected Venues states, “rustic wedding themes need a natural colour palette with plenty of organic shapes and textures.” What makes a rustic wedding is the wood accents, the lace and hessian, foliage, muted colours, lots of vintage props and simplicity.

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Five rooms for rustic barn wedding venues

There are five rooms at Reds Roadhouse to make the wedding day a dream come true. The Airstream, the Garge, the Garden, the Patio, and the Chapel. Each room can seat a different number of guests and can be for a reception or a ceremony. Some offer outdoor spaces, whereas some are indoor spaces only. Reds Roadhouse understands each wedding is different so why not do a few different rooms, each with the rustic elegance and rustic charm aesthetics to create the perfect wedding party, outdoor wedding, and barn wedding. 

The Airstream room is the second-largest indoor, vintage charm room with a 30-foot bar carved right from an airstream. There are a couple of vintage cars, an industrial-style ceiling, wood and metal aesthetics in the room. The room can seat 250 guests comfortably. 

The Garage room is more for an intimate wedding, industrial style with a wood backdrop, private bar, and an elevated stage for the band. The Garage has a functional door that creates an indoor/outdoor space, whether permitting. The room can seat 120 guests. 

The Garden is an outdoor wedding area with a cedar post arbour backdrop to decorate to match the wedding colors. There are private getting-ready rooms for the wedding party and a flagstone path for the bride’s entry. The garden is entirely customisable to make your own with flowers, greenery, and drapes. Have your ceremony outside and your reception inside. The area can seat 200 guests.

The Patio is perfect for a big wedding!  A covered, multi-level patio with a 30-foot bar, 2 story cedar log stage, rustic stone fireplace, over 2,000 sq ft dance floor, an old vintage school bus, and a very open concept. You won’t find crystal chandeliers, but you will see lighted wood hanging from the ceiling. The room can be divided into two and clients can reserve the upper patio that seats 135 guests. For larger weddings, the entire patio can seat 400 guests.

The Chapel represents the southern tradition for a ceremony. The church pews, the brick, and white wood; it is like every little girl’s dream come true to walk down the church aisle. This rustic chapel fulfills that dream for her wedding day. Once you add drapery, flowers, and accents to the chapel, it can become your own for the special day. The chapel can seat 140 guests.
Wonder what our rooms look like in person? Schedule a tour today!

How to pick the fitting room for the special day

First, pick your date, which is most important. Once you have set a date, visit Reds Roadhouse and take a tour of each room that we offer. Your wedding can be winter, summer, fall, or spring, and our wedding venue can accommodate a variety of different guest amounts. Speak with our on-site coordinator to discuss your guest count and other logistics. The number of guests can help you choose the fitting room for your wedding. Size matters for a wedding venue. If you have 200 guests on the list, we could not do The Garage, but we could do The Airstream or The Patio. 

Next is budget and style. Sit down with our coordinator and discuss your budget and the cost of renting one or two of our rooms for the wedding. Every venue has its pricing depending on the catering, linens, alcohol, etc.  If you know you want a rustic wedding or a country/barn wedding, then Reds Roadhouse is right for you. Our aesthetics will compliment any rustic or barn wedding.

Look no further than Reds Roadhouse for a rustic wedding venue. Choose from our five rooms that provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding reception and ceremony. If your bride has dreamed of a rustic wedding, we are the place to book. Schedule a tour today!