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Sweet 16 Venues

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Wedding Venue | 0 comments

Are you looking for the perfect venue for your sweet sixteen? Red’s Roadhouse is the space for sweet 16 venues. A Sweet Sixteen is a time for friends and family to have a magical experience. Our party venues can create a dream setting with natural light to suit your family’s style and budget. For your celebration, we can offer catering, a large dance floor, an elevated stage, a full bar for the adults, and non-alcoholic drinks for your daughter and her friends.

A sweet sixteen comes down to the experience. At Red’s Roadhouse, we have years of helping families put together special events that make their dreams come true. Our professional planners can assist in the planning process. We have packages or build your own options to fit any budget, with no hidden additional fees. Our total price is straightforward. When it comes to your child’s sweet 16 party, our mission is to ensure you have everything you need to make it something special. If you’re unsure what to do next to make the perfect party, don’t worry. Contact our professional planners.


Reds Roadhouse is the perfect setting for your sweet sixteen!

Best Place for Sweet 16 Venues

For Sweet 16 venues, The Bash recommends “getting started 4 months before for less stress and more choices when it comes to venues, DJ, entertainment, and suppliers.” To make planning easier, professional planners recommend creating a checklist and breaking it into a monthly timeline. A special event requires attention to a plethora of details. The Bash breaks the checklist down into 4-8 months, 3-4 months, 2-3 months, and 1 month before. 

4-8 months before
  • Set the event date
  • Start a guest list
  • Figure out a budget 
  • Choose a color scheme or theme
  • Research and book a party venue
  • Ask yourself if you want a photographer or photoshoots
3-4 months before
  • Search food and drinks
  • Hire a caterer or ask the venue if they cater
  • Research and hire a DJ, discuss film shoots, photoshoots, etc.
  • Start finalizing guests and their information
  • Send out save the dates
  • Finalize invitations to the big party
  • Consider lighting
    • Do you need more lighting, or is there natural light?
  • Pick your room at the right venue.
  • Discuss with the venue tables, chairs, and accommodating details
2-3 months before
  • Contract supplies
  • Contract entertainment
  • Secure the right venue
  • Buy decorations
  • Buy an amazing gift
1 month before
  • Secure all amenities 
  • Finalize the service provided by the venue
  • Finalize the details
As you go through the recommended checklist, keep in mind the best place for a sweet 16 venue should provide tables, chairs, possible catering, a bartender for the adults, and servers. Some venues will offer a professional planner, valet parking, and recommended entertainers. 

At Red’s Roadhouse, we offer all the amenities necessary to create a magical experience and less stress for the person planning the event.

Sweet 16 Venues Features

Reds Roadhouse is a party venue that features all the necessities for a perfect party. Our 22,000 square foot event space features an open layout perfect for music videos, dancing, and an abundance of friends. Dancing is crucial at parties, especially a big 16 party. The floor space in any one of our three rooms provides the floor space, giving guests the perfect place to truly cut loose and have fun.

In addition to space for guests to dance, the site should also have space for catering to set up and serve food. The sweet 16 party, like any party, should have food. The guests will definitely appreciate some delicious catering. Booking with Red’s Roadhouse makes it easy to have food because we offer in-house catering services or can coordinate with an outsourced catering service you hire.

Lastly, another feature that one should look for in a rental space for a sweet 16 party is tables, chairs, table linens, and decor. Your child’s sweet 16 party makes a big move from childhood towards adulthood. It is certainly worthy of a celebration and should be decorated to fit their dreams. If you are unsure of ideas, our professionals can help. You’ll want to promote their style with decor and amenities, providing an elevated atmosphere to celebrate with family and friends.

Personalized Sweet 16 Venues

Parties are meant to represent the person whose event it is through party favors, color schemes, themes, and even the music style. Red’s Roadhouse can create an event space that thoroughly depicts the dream your child has for their sweet 16. Whether the party is in the day or at night, we can create a fun space to host their special day.

Green Envelope has some ideas of how to personalize the space. The host can personalize with a theme such as a dance party, disco, slumber party, masquerade, or tropical luau. When sending out an invitation stating the theme so guests are aware of the fun time ahead. You can personalize it through colors, a color scheme that is their favorite. Decorate the event with balloons, streamers, table decor, and confetti that features their most-loved hue.

Another way to personalize the sweet 16 is through activities. A party isn’t a party without some games. A handful of fun activities for a sweet 16 party are scavenger hunt, dance-off, lip sync contest, or truth and dare.

For a perfect venue with no additional cost, an open layout in a prime location outside of Dallas, contact Reds Roadhouse to host your daughter’s sweet 16 party. Our event space has ample parking, a large outdoor area, and spaces to fit your budget.

Reds Roadhouse,
1170 E. Kennedale Pkwy
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