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Wedding Vows – Traditional Wedding at Reds Roadhouse

by | Jun 5, 2022 | Wedding Venue | 0 comments

Just because our Texas venue is anything but traditional, doesn’t mean you cant have traditional wedding vows and catered to any type of religious ceremony! At Reds Roadhouse, we cater to all types of wedding ceremonies and watch people exchange wedding vows that suit the type of wedding they’ve always wanted.

We have two areas for you to say your traditional wedding vows, The Chapel or The Garden. Our venue understands the statement of purpose, a sacred vow, and the importance of a traditional wedding ceremony. There is only one life set before you. Take in all that life has to offer by finding the perfect place to say your ring vows.

Wedding Vows- Traditional, Non-Religious, or Creating Your Own
All Types of Wedding Vows for All Types of Weddings
The Chapel or The Garden
Trust Reds Roadhouse with Your Marriage Ceremony

Reds Roadhouse is the venue for all types of romantic wedding vows.

Traditional Wedding Vows, Non-Religious, or Creating Your Own

In our venue, a sacred vow is all that matters. All traditional wedding vows are welcome. We understand there are many different vows out there: catholic wedding vows, baptist wedding vows, Hindu wedding vows, Jewish wedding vows, even individual vows– each the most important moment of the wedding day.

Traditional wedding vows can become very personal during a wedding ceremony. Wedding vows provide a legal basis that guides newlyweds throughout their shared lives, in sickness and in health. While many people use their own vows creatively, some couples prefer traditional vows that many religious and cultural groups recite. These proven words set the foundation for fidelity and happiness at every stage of life. Although many traditional wedding views exist in this exchange, there can be some basic principles that transcend culture and belief.

All Types of Wedding Vows for All Types of Weddings

According to The Knot, “a wedding is a chance to acknowledge your heritage while also celebrating the new journey you’re stepping into.” Many wedding vows speak to honor their religion. They mention the obedient and faithful wife, the faithful and helpful husband, poorer in sickness, till death, and all under a holy ordinance. Incorporating tradition into wedding vows from your culture is a great way to reiterate all of that. Our venue is the perfect place for any type of wedding ceremony!

Let’s take a look at some traditional wedding vows:
Baptist Wedding Vows- During their wedding vows, which take place right before they exchange the wedding rings, partners share the promises and commitments they’re making. The format follows the Baptist church. One partner vows to take their partner as a faithful wife or faithful husband, wedded husband or wedded wife. The marriage vows will include the mention of God.

Buddhist Wedding Vows- A unique set of wedding vows, they are not required to be spoken aloud. Partners can exchange the vows silently or out loud in Buddhist wedding vows. They will express a couple’s desire to work together toward achieving enlightenment.

Catholic Wedding Vows- Catholic wedding mass is highly liturgical. Couples are discouraged from deviating from the traditional vows, “to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, until death do us part.”

Jewish Wedding Vows- Traditional wedding vows in the Jewish ceremony do not include spoken vows. Instead, there is a ring exchange and seven blessings representing the marriage contract. Modern Jewish couples choose to include wedding vows in their nuptials.

Cherokee Wedding Vows- Steeped in the rich tradition that includes reading a beautiful wedding blessing, speaking of God, and including poems passed down for generations; these vows honor Mother Earth. The couple may choose to honor forces such as fire, wind, and water for the blessings and strength it will be through the seasons.

There are so many more wedding vows and wedding traditions, such as Hindu wedding vows, Muslim wedding vows, nondenominational wedding vows, Apache wedding blessing, and many more. There are so many cultures out there who celebrate life with many wedding guests, and Reds Roadhouse is here to serve each and every one of them!
We offer the best venue for traditional marriage vows in a non-traditional setting!

The Chapel or The Garden

The two venues we offer for wedding ceremonies are The Chapel and The Garden, and both are divine.

The Chapel has church pews, a wooden mantle, a brick back wall, and large vaulted ceilings. The venue’s layout makes for easy decorating with flowers, greenery, or draperies over the church pews. The simplicity of the Chapel makes it the perfect backdrop for anyone’s special day.

The Garden is the perfect place for a wedding ceremony outside in beautiful Texas weather. Accented with a picturesque cedar post arbor, flagstone path, and lush greenery, it makes happily ever after a dream come true. The garden is easily designed with flowers, drapes, additional greenery, or twinkling lights.

Are you looking for a venue to exchange wedding vows in Dallas? Call (817) 483-5200


Trust Reds Roadhouse with Your Marriage Ceremony

A marriage vow is a verbal promise made to one another which can be morally or legally binding. Each religion, race, or culture has wedding vows and traditions that are expressed verbally or through action at the ceremony. The vow isn’t about the length or fancy words. It is often heartfelt, intimate, and spiritual, which brings the marriage temporarily into the spotlight.

At Reds Roadhouse, we cover all weddings from Apache, Catholic-Protestant, and more.
Our venue is eclectic and welcoming. We have a variety of rooms available for your wedding location with the space to enjoy the special day. A holy marriage is a beautiful moment where a couple becomes a husband-wife. Reds Roadhouse has the experience to host any wedding type, decorate any event, and accommodate any traditions.

Reds Roadhouse has multiple rooms from which to choose, catering options, full bars, outdoor areas, and plenty of parking. We have party planners to help assist in planning the wedding and years of experience in hosting. Let us help your wedding ceremony be exactly as you have always imagined it to be!
Reds is a great place for wedding ceremonies that you’ll never forget. It is easy to get to and is a location outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area that is perfect for family and friends to celebrate the exchange of marriage vows, whether they are non-religious wedding vows or a traditional Jewish ceremony.

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