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Dallas Corporate Event Venue

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Event Center | 0 comments

According to MeetingPlay, the main concern when booking your next corporate meeting should be the meeting space itself. When hosting an event and choosing an event center, one needs to be concerned about the attendees. The venue shapes the entire experience. Therefore, considering the following questions in advance can help make this event your company’s best one yet!

  • Does this venue have catering options?
  • Is there free parking?
  • Is there an outdoor deck option?
  • Is the space large enough or could it potentially be too large for the corporate event?
  • Is the cost practical?

At Reds Roadhouse, we can help you work through and address all of these questions and more. This is why Reds Roadhouse is the top Dallas Corporate event venue, perfectly suited for your next event. We offer ample free parking, multiple rooms to choose from depending on corporate party needs, catering, outdoor areas, and event planners to assist with the event planning process.

Call Reds Roadhouse to find out about our exclusive deals!

Things to Consider When Booking a Corporate Event Venue

First and foremost, find a location that fits the space needed for your next meeting. A too-small venue could make your event feel cramped, whereas a large space can make the event feel empty. The location should have enough space for your activities, some separate space for attendees to break off, possible elevated stages for guests speakers, and more considerations. With the variety of rooms available at Reds Roadhouse, we will most likely have a room that will meet and exceed not only your needs but your expectations. 

The second consideration when booking a corporate event should be accessibility. Keep in mind all the guests, attendees, possible contractors, or sponsors. The event center should be accessible to everyone present at the corporate meeting. If there is someone on the guest list with special needs, let your event planner know. Our event professionals can guide you in the best options to fit your business meeting needs as all of our rooms are accommodating to guests of varying abilities. 

The third consideration should be food and beverage options. Food and beverage accommodations are crucial to creating an approachable environment within a corporate gathering. Drinks are great for conversation, celebration, and even exploring new great ideas for the company. At Reds, we offer multiple catering options, have full bars, and can make a menu that coordinates with your event.

Lastly, it is crucial for the company hosting the event to find the perfect location to inquire about costs and logistics. When planning your private event, make sure you sort out all the logistics with the event professionals a few months before the event. The details discussed should include, but not be limited to, food, beverage, table cloths, cutlery, tables, chairs, sound equipment, etc., and should be finalized according to your budget.

Elevate Your Team-Building Game

Corporate more interactive events with team-building experiences instead of just having speakers make a more memorable experience for all involved. US News states, “team-building events can help co-workers better understand one another… learn to be more effective working together… help employees work on more serious issues… build trust” and other positive attributes that overall help achieve better communication and drive in the office.

When scouting event spaces, it is essential to select places that have the space for entertaining team-building games. Our unique venue has event spaces that are the perfect backdrop for your next gathering. A couple of team-building games Red’s recommends and has the space for are:

  • A Shrinking Vessel: Great for creative problem-solving. You’ll need a rope, blanket, and/or tape. To play, you make a space on the floor and have your whole group (or smaller sets) stand on the blanket/taped space. Then gradually shrink the space. The team will have to think fast and work together to keep within the shrinking boundaries.
  • Back-to-Back Drawing: Creative way to practice communication skills. All you’ll need is paper, markers/pens, and printouts of simple shapes or forms. Split your group into pairs and have each pair sit back to back to play. One person gets the picture while the other gets a piece of paper and a writing utensil. The person holding the picture gives verbal instructions on how to draw the picture without saying what the picture is. After a set amount of time, each set of partners compares their images. 

Enjoy Your Choice of Customizable Options

Reds Roadhouse has two rooms that are ideal for your next corporate event. Each room has table covers and a table layout that is completely customizable. The Airstream Room is the largest room equipped with a pool table, a 30-foot cedar bar, and a stage carved out of an Airstream. The fun aesthetics and large space can seat up to 250 guests. For an indoor-outdoor area, The Garage is the space for events. This space can adapt to meet any event needs making it the perfect backdrop. With a private bar and elevated stage, guests will enjoy the versatility. The Garage can seat up to 120 guests. 

Maybe your private event is massive. If so, we can most likely accommodate. Our Patio Room can seat 400 guests comfortably, but also be split into two separate spaces. A genuine Texas-sized event space, The Patio is multi-level, has a fully stocked 30-foot bar, elevated stage, and a rustic stone fireplace. 

What’s more, Reds Roadhouse has a plethora of catering options available. For appetizers, we offer chips and queso, pork sliders, assorted sandwich, vegetable, and fruit trays. For entrees, there are BBQ sandwiches (pulled pork, sliced brisket, turkey, or smoked sausage), BBQ buffet, fajita buffet, and taco buffet. Our catering services also offer a variety of side dishes. 

To inquire about our customizable options, call to speak with an event planner for your next event. 

Look no further than Reds Roadhouse for a complete corporate event venue. There is a good reason why we are the top place in the Dallas area for corporate events! Reds Roadhouse has multiple rooms from which to choose, catering options, full bars, outdoor areas, and plenty of parking. Whether you are planning the corporate event yourself or need assistance, we are eager to help.