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Sweet 16 Venues – Celebrate the big party at Reds Roadhouse

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Event Center | 0 comments

Sweet 16 Venues – celebrate the big party at Reds Roadhouse

A Sweet 16 party is a dream for most daughters. In the United States, this milestone birthday represents a child maturing into a young adult. At age sixteen, a person can obtain a driver’s license, get a job, and start hosting friends for their parties. It marks an important moment for both the daughter and the parents. Traditionally, a sweet sixteen was more of a formal ball with a father-daughter dance. Nowadays, many have a semi-formal or themed sweet 16 party.

The ideal setting for the perfect venue would be one with a dance floor, multiple locations for photo shoots, delicious food, and outdoor space. A sweet 16 is a vast celebration. At Reds Roadhouse, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we create the perfect place to accommodate a sweet 16 party. We offer inspiration, can help with details, and work around a budget to help create the memories of a lifetime.

Before you set sail into the depths of planning a sweet 16 party, contact and tour Reds Roadhouse to see if the location and venue can be the site to host your sweet 16. From there, our professional expertise can make your daughter’s ideas come to life.

Questions about sweet 16 venues? Call (817) 483-5200 to speak with us today!

What are sweet 16 venues?

Sweet 16 venues can range from a ballroom to a lounge, a rustic event space to a basement. The event space and entertainment are chosen by the birthday girl, the family, and the number of guests. An ideal sweet 16 venue should have open floor space, delicious food, natural light, and enough space to be comfortable and match the birthday girl’s style. 

As previously mentioned, traditionally speaking, a sweet sixteen was more formal and held in a ballroom setting. There were certain expectations and traditions to adhere to. Nowadays, the girl can have a sweet 16 party in any space that accommodates a sweet 16 event, and the family approves of it.

Reds Roadhouse has a rustic industrial theme with multiple sweet 16 venues within the large property. Catering is offered along with three out of five venues perfect for a sweet 16 party. Three venues offer an elevated platform, open floor space, and an adjustable style that can suit any ideas to transform the space into the party they imagined. 

Event space: elevated stage and dance floor

Reds Roadhouse has three venues to choose from when planning a sweet 16 party. Each of these venues has a style that would be fun for a sweet 16 and can transform to accommodate any style. 

The Airstream Room is a venue space with a vintage wooden vibe. There is an elevated stage carved out of an old Airstream, a couple of pool tables, industrial lighting, wood accents, and enough space to dance. With two vintage cars parked inside, this space offers breathtaking views for photo shoots. The Garage Room is a smaller venue space with garage doors open to an outdoor space, a private bar, an elevated platform, wood planking on the wall and fun vibes. 

The Patio Room is the largest of all the venue spaces offered. There is a colossal platform area for a band to perform on, a 2,000 square foot dance floor to enjoy, an upper patio, and a fireplace. The patio room can make the night seem like one from Hollywood. It can fit an elegant or fun themed sweet 16 and host up to 400 guests. 

If planning a once in a lifetime sweet 16 party where your daughter wants to feel like a celebrity for her party, contact Reds Roadhouse to discuss our venue options.

Call Reds Roadhouse to book your event space!

Why hire event professionals?

Hosting a party at home is difficult. To host a sweet 16 is even more challenging. As stated, a sweet 16 is more than just a birthday party. It is the milestone birthday she and all her friends have talked about for some time. It is a massive celebration that requires a venue, a huge party, and many guests—all of the details matter.

To avoid stress, keep organised, and stay on budget, it is best to hire an event professional. Daughters have had a vision of what their sweet 16 party would look like. An event professional can give inspiration, bounce ideas, and make that vision come true. Hiring other professionals such as a photographer, caterer, florists, a band, or DJ can be a headache and time-consuming. Event professionals are in the industry, have networked with other vendors, and can help to accommodate every detail. That means the catering, the music, and a variety of ideas down to flatware.

Reds Roadhouse has the professionals, venues, and catering to assist with your sweet 16 party. 

Need catering? Want to tour our party venues? Schedule a tour and consultation today!

Let’s throw the perfect party!

At Reds Roadhouse, with over 22,000 square feet available to throw a party, we have learned to throw the perfect parties. Our location makes us a premier place for sweet 16 venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. If a party is to be thrown, we want to be a part of it. 

We offer three different rooms from which to choose and you can choose from our food options or we can put you in contact with other vendors. We have connections with multiple vendor services to help accommodate your ideas within budget. When it is time to celebrate with friends and guests, we want to provide the location that can make the perfect night happen.

Look no further than Reds Roadhouse for a rustic venue. Choose from our three rooms that provide the perfect place for your sweet sixteen. If your daughter has dreamed of a big party, we are the place to book. Schedule a tour today!