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Venue for Baby Shower

by | Jun 5, 2022 | Event Center | 0 comments

Are you looking for a venue for baby shower? A baby shower is an important milestone for a mom to be. Before the baby arrives, pregnant women are not the only ones that get excited, and everyone wants to see the glow and celebrate the life to come. When a baby is on the way, future grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are all eager to welcome the baby to the family.

A baby shower is one of the special occasions where family and friends come together to celebrate life! Guests shower expectant parents with gifts, love, and wishes before the birth. It brings joy and happiness.

When looking for a venue for a baby shower, the gathering can be at a home of a family member or close friend, but it could also be held at the perfect venue like Reds Roadhouse. Reds Roadhouse is an affordable option in an excellent location for your baby shower.

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Venue for baby shower
How to plan for a baby shower
Ideas for a fun baby shower

Venue for baby shower

A baby shower is a special event celebrating a baby’s imminent arrival. The possibilities are endless for the setup and theme of the event. Of course, there are various places from which to choose in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but Reds Roadhouse is the best and most unique venue around!

At Reds Roadhouse, we are the perfect venue for a baby shower. We have four separate party rooms from which to choose:
• The Airstream
• The Garage
• The Garden
• The Patio

Each of these party rooms offers plenty of space to accommodate the guest list, is super easy to decorate, offers a creative atmosphere for a party, and has plenty of parking compared to other places located more downtown. We have catering options, and our planners are experienced in assisting in planning any special event. We will help throw the best baby shower, one you will never forget!

At Reds Roadhouse, we offer:
• Catering
• Four venues suitable for baby showers
• Assistance in baby shower games set up
• Space for kids
• Incredible location with plentiful parking
• Tables and Chairs
• Space to decorate
• Budget-friendly options
• Personalized attention and care

Choosing the best venue for your baby shower can happen quickly, but scheduling your location in advance is important. Whichever of our venue rooms you decide, we can help make your shower unforgettable. A baby shower is the last awesome hoorah for the mom before the baby is due.
For decorating venue ideas, contact Reds Roadhouse today!

How to plan for a baby shower

Anyone can throw a baby shower for the mom to be. Baby showers are an excellent way for the best friend, family, friends, and other guests to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby.

The first step to planning a baby shower is to confirm the date and guest list with the mom to be. Once you have received the date and guest list, it’s time to calculate the budget. Knowing the budget solidifies aspects of the baby shower, such as the venue, food, the number of courses on the menu, etc. Guestlist and budget are essential for choosing a venue, but it’s the time of the year.

Now that you know the date, guest list, and budget, it is time to secure a venue. Many baby shower venues struggle with larger parties, but not Reds Roadhouse! Depending on the number of guests and who are attending, things to consider would be:
• Good food options that guests will enjoy but that don’t give mom indigestion
• Consider if guests want to drink alcohol
• Banquet room size and decorations
• Open Space where guests have room to move
• Amount of tables needed

After you have the venue secure and the other important information, you can send out invitations. An invitation should be sent out six weeks in advance, either by mail or email. Either option is acceptable unless you plan on a more formal shower, then go with paper invitations.

The key to hosting an incredible baby shower is organizing these activities to create a fun flow that keeps guests entertained and engaged.
Some tips that are given when planning the baby shower agenda are:
• As guests arrive, offer them a drink or a game piece as they come through the doors.
• Serve food while gifts are being opened
• Later, provide food, tea, and coffee

It is traditional to have party favors for guests. Each baby shower is different. Some showers send guests home with a small bag of candy or small picture frame, while others have scented soaps, candles, and bubbles in their party favor bags. Whether choosing party favors or not, we can help make your baby shower one for the books!

Reds Roadhouse is the most amazing venue for a baby shower!

Ideas for a fun baby shower

Once you’ve checked the essentials off the list, it is time to make the baby shower fun. Kate Geraghty recommends setting a theme. In agreement with Ms.Geraghty, “a theme helps everything else come together seamlessly, from what your invitation will look like to the decorations that you’ll decide on.” Some themes to go with could be your favorite children’s book, a sweet animal, the guest of honor’s favorite locale, or something personal that’ll be extra-special.

To set the stage for the event, baby shower decorations can be elaborate, from a welcome sign to floral centerpieces and colorful balloons. It isn’t necessary to go all-out, but it is always good to customize the space with a few noteworthy details.

Another fun way to enjoy the baby shower is baby shower games. Most guests will be busy chatting, eating, and watching the mom-to-be open gifts; however, some fun activities will liven up the party. You can do one large activity or a few small ones. Some typical fun games include:
• Having guests decorate a plain white onesie
• Designing a fabric square of a quilt
• Bobbing for the pacifier
• Don’t say “baby.”
• “Dirty” diaper

These games are fun and equally important for making the baby shower memorable. They are a great ice-breaker and great for getting everyone involved, laughing, and making the baby shower creative.

Are you looking for a spacious venue in Dallas?
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Look no further than Reds Roadhouse for a space to imagine and create the perfect baby shower. Reds is a great place for baby showers that you’ll never forget. It is easy to get to, a location outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area that is perfect for family and friends to celebrate the baby. Reds Roadhouse has multiple rooms from which to choose, catering options, full bars, outdoor areas, and plenty of parking. Whether you plan the baby shower by yourself or need assistance, we are eager to host.

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